(504) 412-8111 | 860 Tchoupitoulas between Julia and St. Joseph



Our Classic TOURs:

We offer a range of classes allowing you to find the best class suited for your fitness needs!

Our signature class! A 50-minute indoor cycling class that includes interval training, resistance and speed training, and upper body workout.

A 45-minute class focused on uplifting your inner-self through inspirational coaching, surrounded by candlelight, set to music to awaken the soul.

A 45-minute class focusing on interval training aimed at burning fat.  Drills are 20 seconds of high-intensity, followed by 10 seconds of paced recovery, repeated for four minutes, one minute rest, and repeat.

Coming soon! A 60-minute class with focus on endurance training includes one-two songs of upper body arm workout.

Our Specialty TOURs:

Join us for a unique spin on our classic TOUR50 class!

A fun spin on the Tour50 with rides such as Oops...! I Cycled Again (Britney Spears), Disco Fever, Flashback to the '80s, and more! Costumes, wigs and/or crazy makeup is encouraged!

Come out to the turf war! Music will exclusively include one artist or band versus another, like Beyonce vs. Jay-Z or Ellie Golding vs. Taylor Swift. TOURists will battle it out on behalf of their favorite artists during this Tour50 to see who will reign supreme!

A Tour50 followed by refreshments - a fun alternative to dinner and a movie!

A 45-minute ride specifically designed for ages 12-18, a great way for teens to exercise along with friends to their favorite songs! Parent permission is required - must sign our Medical Waiver and Release Form.